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During my Silence today I did a Chakra meditation. It made me realize that I need to write about balancing the chakras, so I will start working on that. 
I need to remember to do my Affirmations out loud probably before I leave my room. 
I started to create a 5 year vision board on Pinterest and will continue to add to it.
Susi Lodola says, “The first thing and most important one is to understand that your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all interlinked. Understanding this connection will help you stop that inner voice in your head that stops you from achieving your goals.” She provides 6 tips to help with success and I enjoy most of them; speak outloud in the mirror, and positive affirmation being a few of them. I did have a bit of resistance to # 3 Dress Smartly; I love this idea but clearly need to get some better fitting clothes first because sadly this tends to make me feel more self conscious rather than more confident. I will work on finding an outfit that makes me feel good. 

For today I will write down 5 strengths to boost my confidence:

  1.     I am smart.
  2.    I am kind.
  3.    I am funny 
  4.     I am an amazing waxer.
  5.     I take care of others.