Days 3 & 4

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Day 3
I definitely let things go today I did not meditate but I did do my affirmations and I got some exercise dancing around with Rocky and the kids. 
I did listen to some more of You are a Badass. I really love how genuine Jen Sincero is.  I will add this to Day 4 as I do not have a lot to say about Day Three other than I did not do all things that I should. 

Day 4 
I did not meditate first thing but it is 1pm now and I am going to do it now. I chose a Loving Kindness Meditation,, it was surprisingly difficult. Not just having compassion for others but for myself as well. I found that I was more easily distracted than any other meditations. I think part of this is because I did it in the middle of the day instead of at the beginning. 
I have found that because my Friday and Saturday night is broken up by retrieving my daughter from work at 3 am ( so I guess Saturday and Sunday morning ) I don’t wake up as early as I do during the week so it is difficult to do the morning routine I have created for myself. This upcoming week I will focus on creating a morning routine for Monday – Friday and then a different one for Saturday and Sunday – possibly doing my am routine after I get back from dropping her off? This will require a little bit more work.