Day 5 +

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Well that ended quickly 🙂

I started with a bang but then quickly got side tracked as I was waking up later and later and I needed to let the dog out and basically let life live me instead of me living life.

A couple great things though. I attended a workshop on comparative tarot that was facilitated by Amethyst Mahoney of Spiritual Badass University and that brought back to light that I love all things spiritual. It reminded me that I want to be doing Reiki and readings and have crystals in my life and live and attract people that won’t judge that.

In order to actually follow through on this whole Miracle Morning thing; I think that I need to go a little slower I had been waking up much earlier and I think I need to get back to that and then add things slowly.

So my plan is to make sure that I meditate every day and that I wake up by 5:45 am Monday – Friday and write about it. I am aware that journaling and brain dumping are amazingly useful tools in life so that is my commitment for the rest of the week, April 28th – May 1st, I will meditate and I will write something down, either in an actual journal or here online.

Anyone who is reading this I appreciate you I hope that you are getting something out of this!

Days 3 & 4

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Day 3
I definitely let things go today I did not meditate but I did do my affirmations and I got some exercise dancing around with Rocky and the kids. 
I did listen to some more of You are a Badass. I really love how genuine Jen Sincero is.  I will add this to Day 4 as I do not have a lot to say about Day Three other than I did not do all things that I should. 

Day 4 
I did not meditate first thing but it is 1pm now and I am going to do it now. I chose a Loving Kindness Meditation,, it was surprisingly difficult. Not just having compassion for others but for myself as well. I found that I was more easily distracted than any other meditations. I think part of this is because I did it in the middle of the day instead of at the beginning. 
I have found that because my Friday and Saturday night is broken up by retrieving my daughter from work at 3 am ( so I guess Saturday and Sunday morning ) I don’t wake up as early as I do during the week so it is difficult to do the morning routine I have created for myself. This upcoming week I will focus on creating a morning routine for Monday – Friday and then a different one for Saturday and Sunday – possibly doing my am routine after I get back from dropping her off? This will require a little bit more work. 


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Today I did a personal meditation using a mantra that I learned from Christa Resources LLC several years ago. 

I ended up watching the interview Marie Forleo did with Elizabeth Gilbert on youtube It was amazing and super uplifting and just really spoke to me, I was especially drawn to the way they talked about appreciating fear but not letting it control. I know that I have such a hard time with control. 

I also listened to 10 minutes of You are a Badass by Jen Sincero which is a great start but I will definitely be listening to more later. 

I have been noticing that my screen time has been so intense since being at home that it is crazy so I am trying to listen to things and not spend so much time on the computer or the phone. 

We went for a walk so I got some exercise in.  I need to be more aware of doing my SAVERS miracle morning when I first wake up!


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During my Silence today I did a Chakra meditation. It made me realize that I need to write about balancing the chakras, so I will start working on that. 
I need to remember to do my Affirmations out loud probably before I leave my room. 
I started to create a 5 year vision board on Pinterest and will continue to add to it.
Susi Lodola says, “The first thing and most important one is to understand that your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all interlinked. Understanding this connection will help you stop that inner voice in your head that stops you from achieving your goals.” She provides 6 tips to help with success and I enjoy most of them; speak outloud in the mirror, and positive affirmation being a few of them. I did have a bit of resistance to # 3 Dress Smartly; I love this idea but clearly need to get some better fitting clothes first because sadly this tends to make me feel more self conscious rather than more confident. I will work on finding an outfit that makes me feel good. 

For today I will write down 5 strengths to boost my confidence:

  1.     I am smart.
  2.    I am kind.
  3.    I am funny 
  4.     I am an amazing waxer.
  5.     I take care of others.

Journey to Self-Confidence

Ok, so yesterday after I updated you all about my journey to build self confidence I found some articles and books to read. I have not read them yet but this is a few of the ones I plan on reading during my R time the next few days.
Read/Listen You are a Badass by Jen Sincero The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman The Self-Love experiment by Shannon Kaiser Self-Love workbook for women by Barbara Horseback 

A problem that I often have is doing too much at one time, so for now I will focus on the S.A.V.E.R.S. in the morning and reading an article and then starting to create some goals around this.

Building Confidence

Hi everyone, with all this time off I am going to spend at least the next 7 days working on confidence building activities. I am going to start everyday doing Hal Elrod’s S.A.V.E.R.S which is :

S : Silence a time for meditation

A: Affirmation a time to repeat affirmations to myself, ideally outloud.

V: Visualization, first I will look at what I want to create and then I will create a vision board and I will look at that

E: Exercise I will exercise for at least 10 mins in the morning

R: Reading I will read 10 mins a day on self help or an article about confidence

S: Scribing I will spend 10 minutes writing

I will start to look at confidence building activities that take 30 minutes or less and will work on doing one everyday for the next 7 days. Today I will find activities so that I do not spend all the time looking for more